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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Biddy Basketball?

The Biddy Basketball League is a recreational youth basketball league run by Bridgewater Youth Basketball. There are separate divisions divided by gender and grade level.  Biddy Basketball is open to boys and in grades 1 through 12 and girls in grades 1 - 10 .

Is the Biddy Basketball League the same as the Travel Teams?

No. Although players are allowed and encouraged to participate in both programs simultaneously,  the Biddy League is a separate from Bridgewater Travel Basketball programs.  Both programs are administered by Bridgewater Youth Basketball.

When do signups begin?

Registration for the winter Biddy League season usually runs from late Sept  thru November 1.  Most registrations are done online.  However, we also have a walk-in registration in mid October. Registrations for the Summer League runs from mid March until April 15.  As long as space is available, we continue to take player registrations, however a late fee is charged.

How do I register my son to play in Biddy?

Either attend one of the walk in registrations at the Recreation Building on Cottage Street or you can print and complete the registration form on our website and mail it to the address specified along with your check.

How much does it cost to register my child?

Registration fees vary from season to season, but are generally in the range of $75 to $100 per season.

Is there a per family cap on registrations fees?

Yes. A family must pay 100% for theior first two children in the program.  If a family has more than two children participating in a single season, discounted rates do apply..

Is financial aid available?

Yes. Biddy offers full and partial scholarships for eligible players. No player will be turned away because they are unable to pay. Please email if you require financial assistance.


How are the teams organized?

Teams are organized into divisions by grade level and gender:

1st & 2nd Grade Division
3rd & 4th Grade Division
5th & 6th Grade Division
7th & 8th Grade Division
9th – 12th Grade Division (Boys Only)

Can I request that my child be assigned to a specific team or coach?

Generally speaking, No. You can petition the commissioner of your players division and each situation will be considered on a case by case basis. Each situation will be evaluated on its validity and team space.

When does the season begin and end?

It varies slightly by division, but generally practices begin the first weekend in December. Games begin on the first weekend before Christmas. Our season usually consists of about 15 games and playoffs and then ends in late March.

When are the games played?

Different times depending on division. 5th – 6th grade games are played on Saturdays between 8 AM to 5 PM or Monday evenings between 6 PM and 9 PM. Usually a team plays only one game a weekend. On occasional, however, game scheduling may require a team to play on both a weeknight and Saturday but this is rare..

Where are the games played?

All games are be played at one the Bridgewater Public Schools - either the Mitchell School (500 South St in Bridgewater, Williams Middle School, Bridgewater Middle School, or at Bridgewater Raynham Regional High School (Centre Street. in Bridgewater).

When and where do the teams practice?

Practices may begin anytime after December 1st. The times, frequency and location of the practices are determined by the team’s coach. Usually they are 1 to 1 ½ hours long, conducted once or twice a week and held at a local school.

I am interested in coaching my son’s team. How do I sign up for this?

Simply specify your interest by using the online coaches application or complete a coaches application form at  registration.  A league representative will contact you after coaches applications are reviewed by the Board.

Is prior coaching experience required to coach a team?

No. While experience helps, Biddy offers a coaching clinic and links to helpful web sites.

 What is the time commitment involved with being a coach?

The time commitment consists of usually one game per weekend, either on Saturday between 8 AM to 5 PM or on Fridays 6 PM to 9 PM. There may be an occasion when your team will play a game on both Friday and Saturday. There are usually a total of 15 games. Practices times and locations would be determined by the coach.

What equipment will my child require?

The League will provide a jersey for each player. However, each child must provide his/her own pair of shorts. Players should wear non-marring basketball or running shoes. If your child wears dental braces, we recommend that they wear a mouth guard during the game for their protection. Players with glasses should wear an eyeglass strap to prevent them from falling or being knocked off. NO JEWELRY WILL BE ALLOWED TO BE WORN AT ANY TIME during a game.

Does Biddy have a summer league or offer summer camps?

Yes, there is a Biddy Summer League.  Registration begins in March and the league runs mid June to early August.

Are competitive or club players allowed to play in Biddy?

Yes, the league is open to anyone who wants to play. However, players on Junior High School, or High School teams may be required to receive permission from their school coach before they can actively participate in Bridgewater Biddy.

How high are the baskets for the younger grades?

The rim is at 10 feet for grades three and above.  The rim is lowered for younger boys and girls.

Are there playoffs?

Yes. Playoffs are held for grades 4 through 12.

How are ties in the standings resolved to determine playoffs seeding?
The following criteria are used in this order: (1.) Head-to-head competition; (2.) Strength of teams beaten; (3.) Strength of teams lost to and (4.) Coin toss.